The Moscoviad | Московіада
A novel by Yuri Andrukhovych | Роман Юрія Андруховича
"The Moscoviad" is a novel by famous Ukrainian writer Yuri Andrukhovych, written in 1993. It is a fictional story about life in Moscow at the edge of collapse of the USSR. The main character starts his bizarre and frightening journey through the city streets, goes down to the subway, then deeper and deeper to the channels and sewage system and appears in the Kremlin bunker. Illustrations are inspired by famous Botticelly’s illustration of “Inferno” from Dante’s “Divine Comedy”. Together with the author we explore different layers of imperialistic and autocratic hell.

The book is a part of editorial series "Modern Ukrainian Classics". Cover layout design: Old Lion Publishing House
Published by Old Lion Publishing House in Lviv, 2023, printed in Kharkiv, Ukraine.
Printed with three PANTONE colours.
a few illustrations
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