Some pages from children's book “The War That Changed Rondo” (Ukrainian: Війна, що змінила Рондо).
Text and illustrations by Romana Romanyshyn and Andriy Lesiv (art studio Agrafka –
Published by “Vydavnytstvo Starogo Leva” Publishing House, Lviv, Ukraine, 2015.
40 pages, size: 290 x 218 mm.
The book "The War that changed Rondo" tells the story of Rondo city in which live fragile and vulnerable creatures, made of glass, paper or air balloon. The main characters are three friends - Danko, Zirka and Fabiyan. Into this peaceful town of light one day comes War. War brings disaster and darkness, it hurts each resident of Rondo. But three friends start do defend their city in a very creative way. The War disappears, fought with light, but leaves scars and traces. And the main symbol of Rondo city to remember war and heroes from now are red poppy flowers.
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